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Homeowners in the Midwest are particularly vulnerable to bowing, cracking, or failing basements.


Heavy rains and flooding can cause water to seep into the basement and damage the walls.

Our freeze-thaw cycles can cause cracks in concrete if they aren’t constructed properly.

Tree roots, soil conditions, and natural settling can wreak havoc on your foundation and compromise the stability of your home.

Basement wall repair allows you to fortify your structure, strengthen your foundation, and prevent further damage.

6 Signs Your Basement Walls Need Repairs

It’s important to address any basement wall issues as soon as possible. These six signs are some of the most common issues we see in the areas we serve.

1. Bowed Walls – This is when the walls of your basement begin to slightly curve inward. The curvature is due to hydrostatic pressure caused by surrounding soil and moisture that expands and contracts as the weather changes. This issue can be addressed with steel beams or foundation anchors to secure the wall, and sometimes even straighten the wall.

2. Horizontal Cracks – One of the initial warning signs is horizontal cracks near the center of your walls. Initially, these cracks may be small, but they will widen and lengthen over time due to external soil pressure. Call our team when you notice even the smallest of cracks to identify if corrective or stabilizing measures are needed.

3. Stair-Step Cracks – Any type of zig-zag or stair-step cracking is another indication that a wall is compromised. This typically happens in the middle of the wall.

Stair-step cracks are a common sign that you need basement wall repair since your wall is compromised.

4. Sliding at the Top of the Basement Wall – If your wall starts to tilt inward at the top, it is a critical sign that the wall problem is getting worse. This type of sliding signifies a severe structural issue and the connection between your foundation, wall and the house may be compromised.

5. Rotation of the Walls – Wall rotation occurs when the exterior of your foundation settles deeper into saturated soil while the interior, which rests on drier soil, rises. This uneven movement can result in serious instability and should be examined as soon as possible.

6. Separated Moldings – If you observe that the moldings on your ceiling have become detached, it could indicate that your basement walls require repair. Basement and foundation issues can cause your floors, ceilings, and walls to move independently, resulting in the separation of ceiling moldings.

6 Basement Wall Repairs

We use six main tools to repair basement walls. Combining today’s engineering technology with strong products made in the USA and expert experience, we can determine the root cause of your basement wall issues and offer a remedy to protect your home.

1. Carbon fiber straps – This cost-effective system is an extremely strong and durable solution for foundation wall repair. It is best used as a preventative measure to protect against future bowing and is ideal for masonry foundation walls. It cannot be used on walls that are already bowed or curved. The system is spaced at 4’ on center and comes with a life of the structure warranty.

Carbon fiber straps are extremely strong and durable solution for basement wall repair.

2. Wall anchors – Wall anchors can straighten walls over time and are an efficient solution for stopping future bowing of masonry or concrete walls. They may face challenges when dealing with soils that have large obstructions buried in the soil and reduced lot size construction locations.

Wall anchors are an efficient basement wall repair solution for stopping future bowing.

3. Waler beam reinforcement of walls – The use of Waler beams is a beneficial reinforcement system to stop or reduce wall bowing or caving-in. The installation of this system is efficient but can be challenging to use with masonry foundation construction. When installed correctly, Waler beams come with a life of structure warranty.

The use of Waler beams is a beneficial reinforcement system to stop or reduce wall bowing or caving-in.

4. Helical tiebacks – Helical tiebacks often provide a repair option where no other alternatives are possible. However, they are more expensive and more labor intensive than other options. Despite these challenges, helical tiebacks do provide a lifetime structural warranty.

Helical tiebacks often provide a repair option where no other alternatives are possible.

5. Excavation, wall straightening, and carbon fiber strap installation – Excavation, wall straightening, and carbon fiber strap installation is a comprehensive solution for both preventing future wall bowing and straightening the current wall. This solution is effective for masonry or concrete walls. However, the process requires the exterior of the house to be excavated, making it more costly than other options.

6. Complete wall rebuild – A complete wall rebuild has the benefit of providing a straight and stable wall and replacing the soil with gravel that drains better, ensuring a drier basement. However, it comes with significant challenges such as being extremely costly, more construction mess, and requiring a full excavation of the affected area.

FAQs about Basement Wall Repair

The carbon fiber strap system is a strong and durable solution that is popular among homeowners because it comes with a life-of-the-structure warranty and it can be painted over for a cosmetic appearance.

In general, basement wall repairs are not covered by standard homeowner’s insurance policies. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage that is caused by normal wear and tear or by water seepage or flooding, which are common causes of basement wall damage.

The amount of time it takes to repair basement walls depends on the extent of the damage and the repair method used. If the damage is minor, such as small cracks or holes, it may only take a few hours to repair. Bowing walls or significant water damage may require more involved repairs which can take several days or weeks to complete.

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  • We Don’t Redo Jobs – We are confident that our standard of work is higher than any others out there. Simply put our repairs last longer and are the better option in the long run. We offer a lifetime warranty, we just know that you won’t need it.

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When choosing a foundation repair company to perform basement wall repair, choose a contractor with the triple threat: experience, reputation, and qualifications.

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We Don’t Just Repair Foundations,
We Restore Peace of Mind

For superior, long-lasting repair and waterproofing solutions,
contact Crossroads today!