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What To Know Before Scheduling Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is an expert task and requires the right amount of money for lasting, professional results. Waterproofing helps keep the basement arid and dry, and that can save homeowners from significant repair work in the future. Basement waterproofing is not a “do it yourself” job. Homeowners should contact a basement waterproofing professional to complete the work. Professional basement waterproofing uses state of the art techniques and equipment. So how much does basement waterproofing cost? Homeowners will need to spend in order to have the job done properly.

When you see the signs of needing basement waterproofing for your home, schedule an estimate. A basement waterproofing specialist can help. There are additional costs with basement waterproofing jobs like sealants and epoxies that may be required. Exterior basement waterproofing costs may be higher. The price also depends on how severe or in-depth the repair job is. 

The basement waterproofing method can take place in two ways: indoor and outdoors. 

Interior waterproofing solutions for the basement may be less costly. The steps include: 

Using Sealants – Not all basement waterproofing companies may use sealants, but the costs of using it vary from company to company. 

Using Epoxy Injections – Epoxy injections may be used for basement waterproofing (depending on the needs). These may add additional costs. 

Draining the water out – Moisture or water is removed from the basement or crawlspace with the help of a sump pump. Waterproofing may also include insulating the basement walls with a water vapor barrier. Drainage systems can range in price, depending upon the kind that your basement waterproofing specialist recommends. 

Additional Waterproofing Costs

Other methods for exterior basement waterproofing include:

Using Sodium Bentonite – This is a clay-like material that is added to the dirt around the home for filling up the cracks and absorbing the water. Depending on the quality and quantity, it can add an expense to the estimate.

Excavation – This process includes digging out an underground trench or a perimeter, but it has to be done correctly. This can be a costly method and could contribute to the expense of the quote.

It is advisable to get in touch with a known company and discuss the price before starting the job. A professional can help determine your basement waterproofing cost. Contact a basement waterproofing specialist today.