Indiana Basement Waterproofing is essential for winter weather.

Indiana homeowners often face foundation and basement waterproofing problems just when the temperature starts to dip too low. A good way to keep the foundation safe, and from developing cracks is by waterproofing the foundation. So what can you do about Indiana basement waterproofing for winter? An Indiana basement waterproofing specialists can help. Experts carry out an inspection first to find out the presence of cracks if any and then go ahead with offering solutions. The experts, however, provide some tips that can be followed to keep the foundation out of harm’s way during the winter. They can assist in your Indiana basement waterproofing needs.

Tips for Indiana Basement Waterproofing 

Following are a few tips for Indiana basement waterproofing: 

  • Check the grading of the yard. Diverting water from the house is a priority. 
  • Keep the gutters clean. This helps prevent waterlogging or flooding in the basement. 
  • Make sure to extend the drainage by six feet. Place downspouts at least six feet away from the house in the downhill direction. 
  • Seal the exterior basement door frames. If there are any gaps, then water can come in through these gaps. The foundation repair specialists can help seal the door frame and drainage plane. 

Additional Basement Waterproofing Tips

  • Check for gaps in the crawl space. Inspect the doors and windows. By encapsulating the doors and windows in the crawl space will help reduce the moisture problems in the foundation. 
  • Check for cracks in the exterior of the home and the interiors of the crawl space and basement. Cracks in the concrete and gaps are also common, which needs to be inspected. It is essential to look for acid and water damage. 
  • For any exposed pipes, use insulation to protect them from the cold. For reducing moisture and condensation, the pipes can also be appropriately wrapped. 
  • If basement flooding is a common problem, then homeowners should invest in a high-quality sump pump, along with professional waterproofing. 

Opting for professional waterproofing before the winter sets in is a wise decision. For more Indiana basement waterproofing for winter tips, contact us at Crossroads Foundation Repair. We will keep the foundation in good shape when the temperature hits the freezing point.