Waterproof Your Basement with Crossroads Foundation Repair

Waterproofing your basement is essential, but how can you tell if you need to waterproof your basement? There are some things you can look for and determine if you should consider waterproofing. You will want to look out for moisture on the inside of your foundation, musty or mold-like odors coming from your basement. Additionally, an increase in spiders and insects in your basement or home may be a sign of damp basement problems. Finally, dark spots developing on the walls around the windows and cabinets of your basement could be signs that you need [...]

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What To Do About Horizontal & Vertical Cracks In Your Foundation

Have you noticed horizontal & vertical cracks in your foundation? If so, you're not alone. At Crossroads Foundation repair, we can help fix your foundation and prevent more cracks from appearing. Cracks in the foundation walls and the basement are more common than you think. In addition, water damage and shifting soil often lead to cracks in the foundation. Our team at Crossroads Foundation Repair has years of experience working on foundations and will provide you with the best options for repair and prevention. Horizontal & Vertical Cracks In Your Foundation Foundation crack repair can [...]

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Buying a House with Foundation Repair

Buying a house with foundation repair is a big step. A home is likely the most expensive purchase you'll make in your lifetime. It's crucial to ensure that your house is structurally sound before purchasing it. Your home might need foundation repair to keep your investment safe and secure. Making a knowledgeable decision when buying a house can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs. Foundation repair knowledge will help you be comfortable in your home while avoiding hidden damage that could leave you thousands of dollars in repairs.  Should You Buy a Home [...]

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Professional Concrete Repair in Indiana

  A small chip in the surface of a driveway or sidewalk can get tiny cracks, which can spread if unresolved. When dirt gets into cracks, the concrete surface starts to look dull, and this is when concrete can begin to crack. A small crack on concrete can seem insignificant, but over time a tiny crack can get larger, spreading into the concrete. Professional concrete repair in Indiana can restore your concrete. How to Professionally Repair Concrete The cost of repair for cracks in concrete can vary. When you call Crossroads Foundation Repair, we can [...]

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Uneven Raised Basement & Concrete Floor Issues

Basement floors can become uneven when they begin to dip and sag. It could be a sign that your foundation is in distress. Settling and shifting of the foundation often cause the floors to become uneven. You can easily understand whether your floor is uneven or not by rolling your child's toys across the floor without pushing them. If it moves on its own, your foundation is likely dipping or sagging. Read on to discover the issues plaguing your uneven raised basement concrete floors. How to Raise Uneven Basement Concrete Floor Before you move forward, [...]

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How to Fix a Shifting House Foundation

Have you noticed cracks and breaks in your drywall and wondered what caused them? Are you beginning to hear creaking and popping noises when walking on the floor or see parts of your home popping up? At Crossroads Foundation Repair, we specialize in how to fix a shifting house foundation. What Is A Shifting House Foundation? The foundation of a home is a critical part of a home. Foundation problems that result in a home pushing or pulling away can have severe repercussions on your home. Shifting foundations can happen when the ground on which [...]

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