What Is A Sill Plate And How Can It Be Repaired

A sill plate (also called a sole plate) is the bottom piece of wall structure where wall studs are attached. They are typically anchored to the foundation and serve as an essential component of all houses. However, if sills become damaged or rotten, you can end up with problems like sagging floors. […]

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Fix Uneven Concrete Floors with Crossroads Foundation Repair

Having a concrete floor that is not level can have a drastic effect on any room. Floors that are not appropriately constructed or damaged by age and deterioration will cause your floors to become uneven. Unlevel floors can cause tripping hazards, are not aesthetically pleasing, and can even cause structural damage to your home over time. Below you will find information on fixing an uneven concrete floor with Crossroads Foundation Repair in Indiana. […]

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What to Ask Your Foundation Inspection Structural Engineer

Finding a foundation inspection structural engineer or having any engineering work done can be daunting. We will show you how to find a great engineer and what signs to look for to know if you may need an inspection. At Crossroads Foundation Repair, we offer free foundation repair inspections. […]

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How to Waterproof Basement Walls

Our basement waterproofing contractors are experts at performing foundation repair in the Lafayette, IN area, from design to complete installation. Here are a few steps you can take to waterproof your basement walls. […]

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How to Hire a Professional Foundation Repair Company

If you have been researching professional foundation repair companies, you have probably noticed a lot of options. Unfortunately, it can be pretty overwhelming and confusing to know who to trust. However, we help homeowners like you every day and want to recommend the right company for your home. You can also check out our reviews if you’d like a more general overview of what to expect when working with the Crossroads Foundation Repair team. […]

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Concrete Repair in Lafayette, IN & Surrounding Areas

Crossroads Foundation Repair is the premier foundation repair contractor in Lafayette, Indiana. Whether you are looking for a single-family home or a large commercial project, we have a solution for you. Our services include concrete repair of any type, from minor cracks to total foundation replacements, and we offer curb appeal enhancements to our customers. If you need any concrete repair in Lafayette, IN or professional advice regarding foundation issues, call us. […]

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