Buying A Home With Foundation Issues can be a challenge for new homeowners.

We often get calls and requests from potential homebuyers looking to purchase a home with existing foundation issues. We get questions on repairing cracks, settling walls and other foundation problems. How much money can a homeowner afford to spend to correct these issues?

Buying A Home With Foundation Issues

We are here to help homeowners who have homebuyers’ questions on how to buy a home with foundation issues. We want to help educate our clients and help them to understand these issues and potential solutions. A lot of the calls we get are from people who are moving from an apartment into their own home. The calls are often from people who are from another area that doesn’t see foundation issues in that area.

Why It’s Important To Repair Foundation Issues

Here are 3 reasons it’s important to repair foundation issues before buying your dream home:

Foundation Issues Cause Serious Damage

If you have existing foundation issues it can cause cracks, settling walls and it’s just plain dangerous. Cracks allow for pests, mold, and moisture to enter the structure of the home. If you have foundation issues mold and humidity are able to grow. Some cracks will not be easily visible and will need professional repair. Once water and pests start to enter these cracks you can expect mold, insects and other nasty problems. The worst thing is you will see water seeping into the walls and basement. If you don’t repair the issues on the structure of your home you will be paying for a fix that doesn’t actually fix the problem.

Common Foundation Issues in Old Homes

It’s Not As Simple As Just Moving In

Even if the foundation isn’t damaged you can still have an issue with foundation settling. If you decide to move in you will only notice the issue when the floor is level. The average home buyer isn’t able to afford the repair cost and the average home buyer doesn’t have the money to wait. Even if your home isn’t settling there are still foundation issues that need to be addressed.

You Should Invest in the Right Foundation Issues

One of the biggest issues that cause foundation problems are not actually the problem at all. You see some foundation issues will not even show until your home is in the final stages of construction. Even if your foundation isn’t settling you should talk to a professional about foundation issues you are having. If the foundation issues are due to lack of drainage or there are issues with the fill material it can be fixed easily.

The Best Way To Fix Foundation Cracks

If you find issues with the foundation it is often because of moisture or water damage. The issues at this point are much harder to fix. There are some things that homeowners can do to fix foundation issues and they don’t even need a mold specialist. You will want to check with a foundation repair specialist to find out what repairs need to be done.

Contact Crossroads Before Buying a Home with Foundation Issues

One of the most common repairs needed in the foundation is the piers. The pier is a structural part of the foundation that is used to help stabilize the foundation and keep it stable. Once the pier is installed it is very important to have the pier inspected. Once you have that foundation inspection it is time to put in the next part of the repair.

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