If your concrete front porch is pulling away, call Crossroads Foundation Repair.

Porches and patios are an extension of your living space. It’s an outdoor room that encourages you to socialize, maybe grill some burgers, or sit back and enjoy the day. An attractive porch adds curbside appeal and makes one’s guests feel welcome. But if your concrete front porch is pulling away, you may have more serious issues.

How to Fix Sinking Concrete Front Porch

But a sinking or leaning porch can be an eyesore. It might give a wrong impression to the guests as though the home is not well-maintained. Besides, an uneven concrete surface can be a trip hazard and liability. Early fixing of these issues can prevent complete demolition of the porch and costly repairs. 

Solving Uneven Concrete Problems with Indiana Concrete Contractors

There are different ways to repair a porch, depending on one’s circumstances. If your concrete front porch is pulling away, you need to consider hiring an expert from a reputable and trusted company. At Crossroad Foundation Repair, we have been lifting and repairing concrete porch for years. We will review your options, how they work, and what problems each option solves. Our team will walk you through the options and determine the best fit for you and your home. 

How Does Slabjacking Work?

There are two methods of slab lifting. Both ways use injection. Our team drills small holes through the concrete slab and injects material into it. Ask us about this solution if your concrete front porch is pulling away.


It uses a thinned-out mixture of concrete. In this method, our team drills holes and fills them with concrete slurry that expands and cures underneath the concrete. Gradually, it lifts the slab. This method is more time-consuming and less expensive than slab jacking. If you are on a budget, mudjacking is the best option. But it can decay, break apart, and erode over time. 

Concrete Raising and Repair: Our Methods


Slabjacking uses polyurethane foam. Foam injection can be effective for concrete raising and leveling. Your contractor will be drilling on the sunken slabs and filling the holes with foam that expands underneath on one side and hardens on the other, thereby raising the slab. The foam solidifies within a few minutes and does not decay. 

How Do Helical Piers Work?

A helical pier is a steel shaft with screw-like plates on end. This shaft is screwed through the ground outside of the home until it hits stable, undisturbed soil. Piers keeps the pier stabilized and immobile. The contract may use a gauge system to determine the needed depth. 

If your porch is not a single layer of concrete or when there is significant separation from the house, helical piers are the best option. Talk to our Crossroads foundation repair team if your concrete front porch is pulling away.

If Your Concrete Front Porch Is Pulling Away, Call Crossroads!

A sinking concrete porch can be a significant turn-off for your potential buyers of homes. If not fixed, this could be a tripping hazard. There are a few solutions, though, that can lift the porch back into place. Call Crossroads Foundation Repair today to get started with a free estimate!