Concrete Patio / Pool Deck Unlevel

Pool decks and patios are meant to be a small slice of paradise and peace for relaxation and fellowship. Indiana homeowners love their leisure time, backyard barbecues, and fun in the sun while summer lasts. A sinking, cracking, sloping, unlevel slab of concrete means tripping hazards and unsightly appearances.

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Patio or pool deck unlevel and cracking

Why Do Pool Decks and Patios Sink and Crack?

If you’ve been around many pools, you’ve seen plenty of slopes and cracks in the concrete. While many reasons may contribute to settlement, the most common include:

  • Poor drainage
  • Frequent overflow or pool leak
  • Improper construction / soil compaction
  • Unstable soil
  • Physical damage from heavy equipment or force
  • Vegetation / tree roots

How to Fix Your Deck or Patio

Raising a concrete slab whether a patio or around a pool is summarized with two words: polyurethane foam. Our eco-rise system is affordable, practical, and much preferred over older methods such as mud jacking. Don’t let “foam” fool you–this material is impermeable to water (waterproof) and will never break down. Capable of lifting massive amounts of weight (and continuing to bear it over time), this becomes a no-brainer for homeowners. The cost of replacement is much higher than the cost to fix with these injections. Small holes are drilled and easily patched, keeping the appearance of your outdoor haven intact. Your space will most likely be ready to use immediately after repairs take place.