Eco-Rise Polyurethane Foam System

Our Eco-Rise polyurethane foam injection system offers the most affordable, long-lasting, least-invasive, and best option to fix your sinking, cracking concrete.

More About Concrete Raising & Leveling

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Eco-rise polyurethane foam concrete lifting system

Benefits of Raising & Leveling with Eco-Rise

  • Fast and economical – no demolition to your existing concrete
  • Less than half the cost of pouring new concrete
  • Lightweight material with superior compression strength
  • Expands to fill voids – stops further soil erosion
  • Small holes are drilled, foam is injected, and holes are filled again
  • Completed quickly with minimal disruptions – most jobs finished in one day
  • No disposal cost from demolition
  • No damage to surrounding landscape

Why is Foam Injection Concrete Lifting Better?

  • COSTS LESS – Foam injection costs 50-70% less than concrete replacement cost.
  • NON INVASIVE – No heavy equipment to block or tear up your driveway, parking lot, or landscaping.
  • CLEAN – There is no water or mud mess after, just level and smooth concrete.
  • QUICK – Foam concrete lifting can take as little as 15 minutes to a few hours, as opposed to days for other methods. Area can immediately be returned to use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Our eco-friendly polyurethane foam weighs just 2.5 lb and up per cu. ft. as opposed to grout or mud, which can be more than 150 lbs.
  • LONG TERM – Foam not only fixes the problem, it eliminates the cause.

Concrete settles due to decomposition, erosion, and groundwater migration. By injecting polyurethane foam into loose soils and voids, we strengthen the earth and provide water-tight encapsulation. The slab will remain serviceable for decades.

Eco-Rise Method & Applications

Small holes are drilled into the concrete (much smaller than those used in mud jacking) to allow room for the small nozzle used in our process. Polyurethane foam, which is waterproof and incredibly strong, is pumped into affected areas to raise and level concrete. The area can immediately be used as soon as the installation is complete. Our system can be used to:

  • Level Uneven Concrete Slabs
    • Sidewalks
    • Garages
    • Patios
    • Basement Floors
  • Lift Sunken Concrete
    • Garages
    • Driveways
    • Warehouse Floors
  • Stabilize Concrete & Soil
    • City Streets
    • Highways
Quick FactsEco-RiseMud/GroutTear Out/Replace
Return to ServiceImmediate4 Hours – 2 DaysFrom Weeks to Unachievable
Repels WaterYesNoN/A – No
Material Weight2.5 lbs per cu ft150 lbs per cu ftConcrete
SavingsAvg. 60%Avg. 70%Huge Replacement Cost
Hole Size5/8″1 + inEntire Area
Clean UpNoneMud/WaterEntire Area
Service Life ExtensionDecades/No Break DownSoil Breaks Down Over TimeSame as Original