Crawl Space Stabilizers

When floors start to sag, bow, or bounce, there could be any number of reasons. One common problem is improper joist support. Crawlspace stabilizing supports are an excellent cost-effective, long-lasting solution.

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crawl space stabilizers to fix sagging or unlevel floors

Crawl Space Support 

Our Crawl Space Stabilizer has been engineered for residential and commercial use as a support system for crawl spaces with sagging floor joists and beams. Interior structural support piers are no better than the foundation they rest upon. That is why we use a new low-profile, high strength polymer concrete PolyBase glass fiber reinforced foundation to ensure the best stability and support of sagging floors.

Breakdown of a crawl space stabilizer

Technical Specs

  • Ultimate capacity 144.98 kips with Threaded Rod fully retracted
  • Ultimate capacity 45.7 kips with Threaded Rod fully extended
  • Adjustable 12” Threaded Rod
  • 3.5” high strength steel Main Tube
  • Pre-drilled boles in Top Plate allowing for connection to floor joists or support beams
  • Square· main tube designed to fit in standard pre-cast base when used with granular base