A crawlspace and crawlspace entrance.

Having a crawlspace is necessary as long as it allows outside air to circulate beneath the house. Usually, crawlspaces are often dark and moist – a perfect abode for insects, pests, or animals to thrive and inhabit. Encapsulation and a proper crawlspace entrance is the best way to prevent that. It’s worth it as long as it can turn a crawl space into a clean, dry, usable storage space devoid of nasty creatures. 

Eliminate Water Leakage and Unwanted Pests with Crawlspace Entrance

Although it’s a bit expensive, encapsulation is something every homeowner should consider. The purpose of encapsulation is t prevent infestations of any kind. The air quality in the home badly declines because of the crawl space issues. Mice and rats build nests in crawl spaces, damage foundations, and leave droppings everywhere. If they die in the crawlspace, the decaying carcass will smell and create additional health issues

One of the most common reasons for increasing moisture in the crawl space is the water vapor entering the ground. Some of the most common warning signs that you may have a crawl space entry problem:

  • Standing water in your crawl space 
  • Insects in the crawl space 
  • High humidity levels 
  • Live critters 
  • Damage from critters 

Water leakage and moisture help create ideal conditions for such animals, insects, and pests to grow and thrive. Our Crossroads Foundation crawl space entry experts offer permanent solutions to eliminate water leakage and unwanted pests. \


An investment in a solid, tight-fitting crawlspace entrance now pays off by preventing animals from nesting under your home. There are two different options for this – a steel door with insulation and insulated TURTL. Our experts will assess and evaluate your situation and let you know which option works best for you. 

The steel doors are much more durable and sound than wood. If installed correctly, they can last for years and help block drafts. They can be securely attached to your foundation. The only downside to these doors is that they can and will rust over time. Gradually, they expand and no longer fit the entryway correctly.

The TURTL door, on the other hand, will not rust like steel or decay like wood. Additionally, they last longer and prove eco-friendly because they are impervious to the outside elements. The lid allows for additional security via padlock. You can have it sealed tightly against the foundation to keep out pests, water, and drafts. Our Crossroads Foundation team proudly installs TURTL, made in Seymore, Indiana. The insulated TURTL prevents drafts and thus brings down the utility bills. It comes in a variety of colors to complete or fit in with the existing home design. 

Crawlspace Entrance Installation

Most of the crawl spaces turn out to be dark and moist places for insects, rodents, critters, and animals. Installing a crawlspace entrance is the most effective and efficient way to prevent the entry of such unwanted pests and animals. Contact Crossroads Foundation Repair today to get started!