How to Detect Foundation Damage in Your Home

Detect foundation damage in your home by looking at floorboards such as these.

Foundation damage in your Indiana home is a serious issue and one that needs addressing. If you are wondering how to detect foundation damage in your home,  you can look for these common signs:

How to Detect Foundation Damage in Your Home

First of all, if you are unsure whether you have a foundation problem, you can always call in the experts. However, it is a great idea to get a certified foundation repair specialist to come to your home and help you figure out what you need. At Crossroads Foundation Repair, we can help determine your foundation issues. Then, after identifying problems, you will have a better idea of what your home needs and how much it will cost to repair.

At Crossroads Foundation Repair, we want to help you in the best way possible. Therefore, we have put together some common foundation damage symptoms to determine if you need a foundation repair.

Signs of Foundation Damage in Your Home

Here are some of the most common foundation damage problems and symptoms that you should keep in mind:

Damp Basement

It is always a good idea to check whether your basement is beginning to leak. You can do this by digging down a few inches in the concrete to check for any drips. If you see any sign of leaks, then it is time to call in a foundation repair expert.

Warped Floors

It is always a great idea to keep a close eye on your foundation. Still, suppose you notice a warping in your floor. In that case, that is the most likely indication that you are experiencing foundation problems. If you have warped floors, we recommend calling our foundation repair team to come out and inspect the damage.

Common Foundation Issues in Old Homes

Cracked Foundation

When your home has a cracked foundation, you can expect damage to occur in your basement. It can quickly happen as a result of water damage in your basement. Because the water cannot seep through your foundation and into your home, you should consider the fact that there is foundation damage in your home.

Sloping Foundation

If you feel that your home is starting to slope down, you should consider it a red flag. A sloping foundation is usually a result of a sinking foundation. When this happens, you can expect water to seep into the foundation.

Detecting Foundation Damage and Leaks

Your home foundation is essential, and if the foundation is not keeping moisture out, then you should expect it to seep into your walls. Water damage will create problems for your house, and it will likely result in mildew, mold, and other types of damage. On the other hand, suppose you suspect a leak in your foundation. In that case, you should call an experienced foundation repair expert to come out and inspect the damage.

The Best Way To Fix Foundation Cracks

If you experience any of these issues in your home, call our team at Crossroads Foundation Repair. We can inspect the foundation and the surrounding areas of your home. Call today to schedule a free estimate.

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