A house with a shifting house foundation.

Have you noticed cracks and breaks in your drywall and wondered what caused them? Are you beginning to hear creaking and popping noises when walking on the floor or see parts of your home popping up? At Crossroads Foundation Repair, we specialize in how to fix a shifting house foundation.

What Is A Shifting House Foundation?

The foundation of a home is a critical part of a home. Foundation problems that result in a home pushing or pulling away can have severe repercussions on your home. Shifting foundations can happen when the ground on which a home rests is uneven, and the house may begin to buckle or move.

Foundation Repair in Indiana: Tips from the Crossroads Pros

Foundation problems may not appear until there is movement in the structure. When this happens, homeowners may notice cracks in their walls or floors. There may be creaking and popping noises in their home as well. Foundation problems may also result in issues with plumbing, electricity, and drainage. Many times, foundations shift because the foundation of a home is sinking or rising unevenly. In this case, the foundation is not in one place and is moving. The ground underneath the foundation may be shifting, also known as a “shifting house foundation.”

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Many things can cause foundation problems. Many times, when there is rain or snow, the ground will become wet. There may be an issue with your soils, or the ground is sinking due to poor soil conditions. When these problems develop over a long period, they can have a dramatic effect on the foundation.

Common Foundation Issues in Old Homes

A shifting house foundation can cause damage to your home. So how can we fix a shifting house foundation? This type of foundation issue may require the help of a professional who is capable of addressing these issues. At Crossroads Foundation Repair, we employ licensed structural engineers and contractors who specialize in foundation issues. As a result, we can help stabilize your house and create a more stable foundation.

Our foundation repair company offers various solutions to address your foundation problems. When a home has foundation problems, it is important to find a solution that is going to be stable and will withstand the challenges that may come from the shifting ground. At Crossroads Foundation Repair, we help homeowners create a foundation repair plan that will work for their homes.