Having a concrete floor that is not level can have a drastic effect on any room. Floors that are not appropriately constructed or damaged by age and deterioration will cause your floors to become uneven. Unlevel floors can cause tripping hazards, are not aesthetically pleasing, and can even cause structural damage to your home over time. Below you will find information on fixing an uneven concrete floor with Crossroads Foundation Repair in Indiana.

How To Fix Uneven Concrete Floors

The first step in fixing an uneven concrete floor is to know what is causing the unevenness in the floor. There are many causes for uneven concrete. Some common causes of uneven concrete floors are: settling, structural damage, and improper concrete layering. If you are looking to fix a concrete floor, we offer free estimates on many home projects. Whether your job is a simple driveway patching project, a large deck repair project, or full concrete floor replacement, we are here to help you.

What Causes Uneven Concrete Floors?

Uneven concrete floors can develop over time due to several reasons. When your concrete floor gets old, it can crack and create holes. When the cracks become more severe, you may notice water and rain leaking in. Other problems that can occur with a concrete floor include:

Uneven Placement

If contractors laid your concrete floor improperly, your floor might be off and crooked. In addition, the uneven concrete floors could cause other problems, such as the floors not being flat and unevenly placed.

Uneven Concrete Floor Repair: How to Fix

Uneven Grout

Grout is used to making the surface of your concrete floor look finished and smooth. Grout is an adhesive that holds the concrete together and acts as a waterproof sealant. A poorly installed grout sealant or concrete may create significant gaps between the floor and the wall. These gaps will be the primary source of water and moisture for your concrete floors. These cracks may cause water to get underneath your concrete floor, which will then cause uneven floors.

How Do I Fix Uneven Concrete Floors?

If your concrete floors are uneven and cracked, you need to call a professional for Crossroads Foundation Repair in Indiana. A concrete resurfacing company that can fix cracked concrete can come to your home and fix the problem immediately.

Uneven Raised Basement & Concrete Floor Issues

When you contact Crossroads Foundation Repair, we will come out and conduct an inspection. We then will repair your concrete floors according to your home’s construction. In addition, we will be able to check your floors and the surface to determine the source of the uneven concrete floors.