Fix Uneven Foundations in Indiana

Many homes in Indiana need a fix for their uneven foundation.


One of the most common problems homeowners face is foundation problems. This problem affects many people in the United States every year. But, unfortunately, most people don’t realize this. Still, Indiana is one of the worst-hit states in terms of area for this problem. So how can you fix an uneven foundation?

Fixing Uneven Foundations with Crossroads Foundation Repair

One of the main problems with an unstable foundation is the uneven weight of your home. Uneven weight distribution causes the foundation to shift over time. In addition, the shifting by water damage and erosion along the backside of the house causes movement. Small movements cause the home to lean on one side or the other. That’s why unstable foundations can cause many headaches for homeowners, including foundation cracks, leaky water pipes, broken windows, and so on.

The first step to fixing a foundation problem is to correct the cause of the problem. Usually, the cause of the problem is an old foundation and soil. Soil erosion and water runoff take their toll on the foundation. Runoff is where drainage and grading come into play and can cause an uneven foundation.

Buying A Home With Foundation Issues

Another root cause of foundation problems is the settling of the soil. If there are soil deficiencies or inadequate drainage, there is a potential for problems to occur. If you find a crack in your home, the problem may be related to a foundation issue. The most common problems related to the foundation include cracked foundations, leaking windows and walls, uneven siding and brick, and movement. A third reason is a failing foundation beam. Water and soil issues typically cause the beam to crack. After the beam breaks, the floor sinks, and it is only a matter of time before the walls follow suit. If you face a foundation problem, the first step is to find out what is causing the issue. Then, you need to correct the problem. Our team can help fix your uneven foundation.

Soil Erosion and Rainfall

The term “foundation” refers to the base of a house. The base provides the foundation on which the walls of the house are built. To understand how the soil acts on your home, you must first understand soil erosion and the factors that cause it. Soil erosion refers to the loss of dirt from your land. Soil erosion usually takes place when soil is either moved or exposed to water. The water, sediment, and debris that moves along with the water must be removed to prevent erosion. 

How To Repair Uneven Concrete

Water runs off your land in several ways, including rainfall. Rain moves on the land surface, and the water runs over and through the ground. During this process, the soil is exposed to water, wind, and other influences. Soil erosion happens when the material, water, and the forces of water cause material to move from the ground. A soil erosion study is needed if a landowner suspects that soil erosion is a problem. 

How to Fix An Uneven Foundation

There are several types of foundation problems, depending on what is causing the foundation to be uneven or unstable. To identify the cause of your unstable foundation, you must first know what the problem is. One common foundation problem is an uneven floor level. This can be due to a leak, water damage, or settlement. Water entering your home will cause a floor to sink, causing it to be uneven. To fix this problem, Crossroads Foundation Repair must level the floor. For home repair projects, the best thing to do is hire a licensed contractor from our team. If you are ready to get started, give us a call today for a free estimate.


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