Foundation repair in Indiana: Tips from the professionals at Crossroads Foundation Repair.

Foundation Repair in Indiana: Why Hire Professional?

Your foundation is a fundamental part of your house. Your houses’ foundation serves to support the weight of your home against the soil around it. Therefore, if your foundation has an issue, your home will have problems as well. Although foundation problems may seem small, they often lead to larger problems. Consequently, any foundation problems, even minor ones, should be inspected by a foundation repair professional. For foundation repair in Indiana, look no further than our team at Crossroads Foundation Repair. We can review the status of your foundation and recommend repair to prevent further damage.

Common Foundation Repair Problems in Indiana

Shifting Soil

Soil moisture and humidity is a significant factor for many foundation problems. Both an excess amount of water in the soil and a lack of moisture in the soil can lead to foundation issues. Specifically, for foundation repair in Indiana, the soil is exceptionally rough on house foundations. Cold winters followed by heavy rain leads to excess water in the soil, causing it to shift. Additionally, the hot summer months dry the surrounding soil, leaving large gaps between the foundation and the earth.

Improper Compaction

Improper compaction of soil around a foundation causes strain and external pressure. Thus, your house foundation may shift or crack as it adjusts to soil erosion. Improper drainage, including problematic downspouts or incorrect runoff control, can influence foundation related issues. If you experience pooling water or drainage flowing against your house, your chances of needing foundation repair increases.

Common Foundation Issues in Old Homes

Problematic Tree Roots

Fast-growing trees, such as water oaks, can heave against foundations with their roots. If you are looking for foundation repair in Indiana, inform them of any problematic trees around your home. Even a well-constructed foundation can be subject to the roots of an expanding tree. Consider removing or replacing any bothersome trees near your foundation.

Foundation Repair in Indiana: Signs and Solutions

Indiana is prone to poor soil conditions for foundations. Therefore, small foundation issues tend to worsen if left unresolved. Here are a few common foundation problems signs to look for:

  • Cracks in interior and exterior walls
  • Spaces forming in window frames or vents due to shifting
  • Doors and windows sticking or not closing properly
  • Pooling or standing water around your home

Fortunately, the foundation repair professional at Crossroads are here to help. Our team specializes in foundation repair in Indiana and other surrounding areas. We can stabilize existing foundations to prevent further damage and movement.

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Crossroads Foundation Repair in Indiana

Our foundation specialists use foundation piers installed into the ground to support your foundation. Each pier provides stability, preventing the foundation from any further movement. At Crossroads Foundation Repair, we specialize in providing the best solution to your foundation repair needs. Additionally, we can offer solutions to maximize the value and stability of your home with our methods.