Foundation repair lafayette indiana.

Foundations are an essential part of the house. With time, the foundation develops wear and tear, requiring care and maintenance. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook foundation repairs until they start leaking water underground. If you notice any signs of foundation distress, you need to contact the foundation repair and waterproofing company for inspection. The cost of foundation repair in Lafayette dramatically depends on the condition of your foundation. 

Foundation Repair Lafayette – Causes and Solutions

So, what causes issues with your foundation? The reasons are many. Even if your house follows standard rules and regulations, it may still suffer. It looks alright, but suddenly, you get to notice a crack between blocks, and you start worrying. 

The reality is the foundation may have cracked even if you don’t live in an earthquake-prone area. Minor changes to the ground around your foundation can have a significant impact on your home. It is likely to suffer if the soil around the house is too dry or too wet. It needs to be “just right.” And, unfortunately, homeowners have little control over the situation.

Foundation Repair in Indiana: Tips from the Crossroads Pros

There are many factors involved in causing problems in your foundation. For an ordinary homeowner, it can be challenging to figure out the issues and fix them. Foundation repair in Lafayette is where Crossroads Foundation Repair comes in. Our experts provide a comprehensive list of symptoms for treatment, analyze the problems, and find the right solution for the condition. We want to answer the most common questions and address your concerns. 

Reasons for Foundations Cracking Or Failing:

Roots: Roots can cause cracks; however, foundations rarely crack due to the upward thrust of the roots, but from transpiration, whereby foundations absorb soil moisture from the roots.

Settlement: If your foundation settles, cracks may appear, especially in the case of differential settlement.

Expansive Soils: In clay-containing soils, especially those with high clay content, soil swelling or uplift pressure may crack the basement.

Drainage Issues: Poor drainage near the foundation of a home is one of the most common causes of foundation cracks and damage.

Basement Waterproofing In Indiana: Solutions & Fixes

Plumbing Leaks: Cracks may form when a leak occurs in a water or sewer pipe and moisture migrates around or under the foundation. If the leak lasts a long time, the damage can be more severe.

Poor Soil Compaction:  If the soil is not compacted correctly before excavating the footing, your foundation may easily crumble and sink. The ground cannot support the foundation and weight of a house.

Other factors contributing to foundation repair in Lafayette include reinforcement, frost uplift or heaving, geotechnical issues, and so much more. 

Potential Solutions: 

Upon evaluation and assessment of the situation, our Crossroads Foundation team will recommend solutions. Our experts are fully prepared and equipped for the job. Some of the potential solutions we use to fix the issue are helical piers, push piers, mudjacking, etc. 

Finding cracks in the foundation of your house can be unnerving. Find the causes of the cracks and get in touch with our experts for a solution. If you are in need of foundation repair in Lafayette, call us today.