Foundation repair methods explained.

The primary function of a foundation is to transfer the weight of the entire building to the soil beneath. With the improper settlement of basements in mind, homeowners hire foundation repair experts for their expertise in foundation repair methods.

What Are The Top Foundation Repair Methods To Consider?

Some of the factors that cause imbalanced foundation settlement are compressed soil, poor construction, poorly compacted fill material, erosion, transpiration, and irregular maintenance. Another reason is unsuspected or undetected air pockets in the ground. The following are useful foundation repair methods that can fix major and minor issues and increase the value and stability of your property. 

The Best Way to Repair Foundation Cracks

Sealants in Foundation Repair

Minor cracks are treatable with masonry patches or sealants, but regular maintenance is highly necessary. Hydraulic cement, epoxy, and polyurethane are some of the most common sealers. These are used frequently in the construction industry to seal cracks. For small cracks, masonry patches are the most effective method. 

Piling in Foundation Repair

The technique of piling is favorable for resettling the foundation. The components used for this foundation repair method are steel and concrete piers. However, these two pier options host many differences. Foundation specialists use helical piers. Crossroads Foundation Repair installs helical piers using excavation to achieve proper stability. Piers are driven into the ground to strengthen the structure and minimize further movement.

Foundation Repair Needs for Homeowners

Steel Pressed Piling

Foundation experts galvanize piling piers and drive coated steel pipes into the ground with the help of a hydraulic ram and helical piers. For this foundation repair method, experts dig a trench around the foundation and drive the steel pile until it reaches a suitable stable point. They also use a hydraulic jack to bring the foundation back to its normal position. Finally, experts fix the steel shaft to the foundation by bolting or welding. 

Other Methods Used In The Industry

Slab Jacking in Foundation Repair and Concrete Leveling

One widespread technique is slab jacking. This process aims to lift one side of a concrete slab from below to re-level that slab. In the slab jacking process, Crossroads Foundation Repair experts add a mixture to concrete by adding water and additives. They then shift the final mix to the portable pump and move it to the specified location. Finally, they pump the mixture into the drilled holes. Once the pump is empty, they refill the mixture.

However, if you want to opt for a less stress-free process, slab jacking process by polyurethane can be the best bet. It does not require the steps mentioned above. The only process it involves is that of injecting the foam into the holes. Instead of hauling tons of materials with heavy equipment, this process is quick and easy, and less evasive for the customers. 

If you have additional questions about foundation repair methods, contact a Crossroads Foundation Repair specialist for a free estimate.