Waler Wall Support System

A bowing basement wall can be a frustrating problem to solve. Homemade / DIY solutions don’t tend to last long or survive a home inspection during a real estate transaction. The Waler Wall Support System installed by Crossroads adds impressive, professional, long-lasting stability to basement walls.

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How the System Works

When excessive pressure from outside soils threatens the stability of your basement wall, Crossroads may recommend the Waler Wall Support System.  The system includes high-strength components.

Waler wall vertical supports

Vertical Supports

Steel vertical supports can be installed horizontally, vertically, or both, depending on the construction of your basement.  Many wood basements are best suited for horizontal supports, while block construction may utilize vertical only, or vertical and horizontal supports.  In any case, the supports add stability and strength to your basement wall when properly installed.

Waler wall top mounting plate

Top-Mounting Plates

Vertical supports are attached to the top, middle, and bottom of your wall.  At the top, mounting plates are securely fastened to wood joists to prevent lateral movement of the vertical supports.

Waler wall base mounting plate

Base Plate

At the bottom, vertical supports are fastened securely by bolting the base plate to your floor, typically concrete in most basements.

Earth anchor attached to waler wall support

Anchor Rods & Earth Plates

The middle of vertical or horizontal supports represents the most challenging but important component of stabilizing your basement walls. An earth plate is attached to a metal rod, that is then secured to the middle of vertical or horizontal supports.  The earth plates provide resistance to pull against the inward pressure against the wall.  Rods are fastened to the supports and sufficient pressure is applied to pull back against the inward pressure, stabilizing your walls.