Foundation Repairs: Are They Worth It?

A crumbling foundation that is worth a foundation repair.


Every year thousands of homeowners discover cracks in their walls and foundations. The most common type of damage is “settling,” caused by soil shifting below the foundation. There’s no doubt that foundation repairs can be expensive, but your home’s foundation is one of the essential parts of your home. So it’s definitely worth the investment to hire a seasoned foundation company like Crossroads Foundation Repair to inspect and repair your foundations if needed. 

Foundation Settling 

Settling occurs through constant shifts in the soil below your foundation. These shifts result from changes in your soil composition, climate, climate changes, and nearby structures. When the soil beneath your home shifts, cracks and gaps can form between your home and the soil. These soil shifts can occur rapidly in the first year, with an increased rate as your home settles. However, settling can also happen slowly over decades. 

Deteriorating Foundations 

Deteriorating foundations occur over time due to weather and age. This problem can be costly to fix because it may require excavation, soil replacement, and repairs to your home. Suppose your foundation is starting to crack, and you’ve been searching for a reputable foundation repair contractor. In that case, there’s no better time than now to make repairs. You may be surprised at how much money it can save you in the long run.

Foundation Repair in Indiana: Tips from the Crossroads Pros

Are Foundation Repairs Worth It?  

If you have major foundation issues, it’s best to contact a seasoned foundation company like Crossroads Foundation Repair for quick and effective solutions. Our foundation experts are committed to bringing you top-quality foundation repair solutions that will save you from major problems and costly repairs in the future. With our team, you’ll get more than a foundation inspection:

  1. We’ll provide you with a detailed explanation of the problem and what you can do to prevent a similar issue in the future.
  2. If you decide to follow our recommendations, we’ll provide you with free estimates for foundation repair services.
  3. We’ll assess your situation and determine whether a foundation repair is needed.

Suppose you decide to go ahead with the recommended repairs. In that case, you’ll receive top-quality foundation repair services that will keep your home safe and stable. 

Why Foundation Repairs are Worth It 

There are many reasons you should do foundation repair sooner rather than later. If you wait until problems like foundation cracking develop, the damage may be worse. It’s also possible that you have a compromised foundation. In that case, any additional damage may be permanent. Here are three reasons why foundation repairs are worth the investment: 

1. Home Stabilization 

One of the main benefits of foundation repair is to stabilize your home. If your foundation is damaged, your home is at risk of shifting. In addition, damaged foundations can cause severe structural problems if left unaddressed. In that case, any previous damage is likely to be permanent. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure your foundation is safe. The best way to do this is by having it repaired as soon as you notice cracks and other issues. 

2. Less Water Damage 

Another reason you should have foundation repairs done is to prevent damage to your home from water. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you do all you can to protect your home from these types of problems. 

3. Increase Property Value 

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Finally, having your foundation fixed will give your property a more desirable value. If your home looks unprofessional, you won’t be able to sell it quickly. If that happens, you will be missing out on a good opportunity. With a stable foundation, you’ll have more confidence in your home’s appearance. Foundation repair will help you sell it for a higher value. 

How to Fix a Shifting House Foundation

When you hire a foundation repair contractor like Crossroads, you’re getting a full inspection of your home’s foundation. A full review will let you know if there are any significant problems our contractors need to address. It also makes sure that your foundation is in good working order. Finally, an inspection will let you know if your foundation has any issues, like the cracks that you see along the edges of your foundation. One of the best reasons to call in a foundation repair contractor is that you could be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run. The best thing to do is get an estimate from a qualified foundation repair company like Crossroads Foundation Repair.  

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