Lafayette basement with a serious water problem that requires basement waterproofing.

Does Your Lafayette Basement Need Waterproofing?

Are you dealing with a leaking Lafayette basement? If you are, ignoring the issue can lead to more costly repairs down the road. Water leaks in a basement cause various problems, such as mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors. Additionally, water in the basement can cause foundation issues and damages to basement walls. 

Damage caused by water intrusion calls for immediate basement repairs. Thus, an investment in Lafayette basement repair pays off by creating a safe and dry space for you and your family.

What Are the Common Causes of Lafayette Basement Problems?

Water intrusion is one of the common culprits that cause Lafayette basement problems. Additionally, moisture problems are problematic and annoying. Water intrusion also fosters mold and mildew. Therefore, do not let any water or moisture problems remain unfixed for long.

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Typical Causes of Basement Moisture Problems

1. Inadequate Grading

If the ground around the foundation slopes towards the house, water collects around it. Additionally, water may find its way into your Lafayette basement. Improper compaction of the soil around the house causes settlement, consequently allowing water to collect next to the basement wall

2. Defective or Missing Gutters and Downspouts

The absence of gutters or downspouts causes the rainwater to be directed toward the foundation perimeter. A downspout without a splash block is even more problematic than no downspout at all. Rainwater from the roof may collect in a single concentrated location near the basement, thus causing the water to be directed toward it. 

3. Improperly Designed Window Wells

If the window wells are not built properly, chances are pretty high for water intrusion into the basement. Many Lafayette basements feature window wells. Thus, if your home has window wells, check to make sure no water is entering.

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4. Ineffective Drain Tile or Sump Pumps

Clogged drain pipes and ineffective sump pumps cause severe problems by letting water get into the basement. Therefore, homeowners should check that all drains are flowing smoothly. Additionally, ensure that sump pumps are operating correctly.

5. Improper Lafayette Basement Drainage

A poorly designed drainage system can cause water to flow towards your house. Poor flow causes water to enter cracks in your foundation, thus causing additional issues. Call us today if you experience any of these issues with your home.

6. Structural Cracks On House Walls

Sometimes, cracks occur on concrete and concrete block foundations. Therefore, issues may become more severe due to the improper connection between floor joists and the foundation wall. 

Basement problems with potentially expensive results. Whatever the causes may be, choosing a proper Lafayette basement repair service provider is essential. Any unresolved problems may lead to visible cracks in the basement and walls. Call Crossroads Foundation Repair today for your Lafayette basement!