Lift up concrete using an expert at Crossroads Foundation Repair.

If you have ever taken your car in for repairs, you are familiar with the technology used to raise your vehicle on a hydraulic lift. Similarly, lifting concrete works the same way. 

Lift Up Concrete with Crossroads Foundation Repair

The concrete raising procedure is highly useful for repairing damaged or settled slabs. Homeowners with cracked, uneven, or sunken concrete slabs will find this procedure more useful than pouring new concrete. Replacing concrete can be costly. Concrete lifting returns the slab to an even and stable position. Moreover, it saves you some money as well

Let’s check out why concrete raising is so effective and convenient:

Less Expensive

The cost of slab jacking depends on the size and nature of the job. Of course, if your concrete is significantly damaged, concrete raising might not be an option.

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However, for minor damage, choosing to lift up concrete is the best option. You are not required to tear out and remove the old slab. Additionally, replacing the slab doesn’t stabilize the underlying soil the way slab jacking does. 

Repairs Are Nearly Invisible

Crossroads Foundation Repair drills several small holes in the faulty slab. They then seal the holes and apply the caulk. This concrete lifting process hardly leaves any trace of slab repair.

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New slabs, on the other hand, may clash with existing concrete. Homeowners often notice that a new slab does not match with other concrete around their home in texture or color. Raising the existing slab eliminates this problem.

Concrete Lifting Is A Fast And Easy Process

Demolishing old slabs and replacing them with new ones creates a lot of noise, dust, and dirt. Slabjacking is, however, a cleaner concrete lifting process as it hardly leaves any waste.

The process is fast and straightforward and involves injecting stabilizing grout underneath. After creating holes in the sunken portion of the slab, your contractor will fill the gap with a material that is strong enough to lift up concrete back to its original position. 

So, if you notice any cracks or sinking sections on a slab, it indicates a problem with the underlying soil. It can happen in areas such as driveways, steps, patios, sidewalks, and garage floors. Call Crossroads Foundation Repair to have slabs inspected and have your concrete lifting issues fixed before the problem becomes more severe.