Do I Have To Raise My House After A Foundation Repair?

A house in a neighborhood that may need to be raised or need foundation repair.

Do I have to raise my house after a foundation repair? This is a great question that many homeowners have. Crossroads Foundation Repair in Indiana can get your foundation repaired quickly and efficiently without the need for raising your home. We utilize foundation piers to help stabilize foundations.

Do I Have To Raise My House After A Foundation Repair?

When building or reconstructing a foundation, it is essential to understand the construction process. Foundations tend to settle or “give” over time. When stabilizing the foundation, a series of piers are driven into the ground to help to stabilize it. Foundation piers will help to stabilize the foundation from further settlement. These piers help anchor the building to the foundation of the home. We utilize a combination of the most advanced pier designs to support your foundation get back to a solid foundation. Piers will stop your foundation from giving and help to transfer weight and energy away from the building. Piers also help stabilize your home and prevent more settlement.

Common Foundation Issues in Old Homes

What Is A Foundation Pier?

Before we go into the process of foundation repair and foundation piers, let’s talk about foundation piers. A foundation pier is a large piece of metal shaped like a T, used to support a foundation. When we have a foundation repair or a foundation stabilization job, the foundation pier sits around the foundation. The pier attaches to the foundation and keeps it in place.

Why Does My Home Have A Sloped Foundation?

If your home has a sloped foundation, it is not a big problem. However, it is not a good foundation, and this is the reason. Houses built on land that is high above the ground are usually homes with a sloped foundation. The only problem with a sloped foundation is that, over time, it usually gets lower than it should. That is why you need a foundation repair in Indiana.

Foundation Cracks

Is A Foundation Repair Necessary?

There are situations where it is necessary to repair a foundation. There are a lot of cases where a foundation is sinking. If your home has problems with the foundation, you need to have the foundation repaired. There are a lot of issues with piers. There are a lot of issues with the foundation of your home. If you notice that the house is sinking or sinking and moving to one side, you need to have the foundation repaired. Contact Crossroads Foundation Repair to get started.

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