Solutions for damp basements by Crossroads Foundation Repair.


Solutions for damp basements range depending on home condition and construction. Read on to see how Crossroads Foundation Repair can help with your basement waterproofing needs.

Causes and Solutions for Damp Basements

Is your basement constantly damp and humid, even during winter? If so, this could be extremely harmful to your foundation and your family’s health. Controlling moisture movement in the basement is essential for several reasons. 

Many homeowners run into basement problems at some point in time. If ignored, with time, it becomes even more severe. A basement repair company can help with both exterior and interior basement waterproofing. 

Basement waterproofing is no small task. But, fixing issues on time can save you money, time, and damages to the home. 

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Many old homes constructed before current guidelines suffer from damp basement problems. However, it is not uncommon for homeowners of new dwellings to experience moisture issues in their basements.

Whatever the cases may be, hiring a reputable foundation repair company is the best solution to deal with dampness problems that become apparent in many older homes. 

4 Causes and Solutions for Damp Basements

A damp basement is a serious problem. It requires homeowners to go deep and identify the root cause of the issues. The most apparent reason for dampness in homes is the faulty foundation. If you are experiencing a damp basement, this is the first spot to check.

Some of the most common basement moisture sources:

1. Rain & Groundwater

If the dampness results from rain and groundwater, there’s likely something amiss in the construction and design. It could be improperly graded roofs or incorrectly installed gutters that cause precipitation. Hire experts that offer the right solutions for damp basements.

2. Interior Moisture Sources

Interior moisture stems from activities taking place inside the basement of the house. Showering or cooking can also generate interior humidity that can wreak havoc on walls, flooring, foundation, and other parts of the house. While it is not possible to stop certain activities, it is possible to install better ventilation to eliminate interior dampness. 

3. Incorrect Grading

Incorrect grading is another significant factor contributing to basement dampness. If the grading is not correct, water will collect against your home and eventually make its way into the basement. Improper and insufficient compaction of backfill soil surrounding the house can also result in severe water seepage. Checking your grading is one solution for damp basements.

4. Faulty Drainage System

Be sure to check out the drainage system around the home. It should be such that water should slide away from the foundation. If there is any issue with the drainage system, it is time to fix it immediately. 

It’s essential to understand how these differ from one another, as the solution to basement moisture will depend on the issue’s source. 

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Our Crossroads Solutions for Damp Basements

If left unresolved, damp basements become even more severe with time, causing safety and health hazard. Routine inspection and on-time repair can save money and effort and keep your basement safe and dry throughout the year.