A flower growing in an uneven concrete floor that needs repair.

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Homes with a patio are a blessing. There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors or the beauty of a sunset other than sitting on the porch. The love for this place makes homeowners opt for such a spot on their property. For the flooring, they prefer concrete. Concrete is durable and can last a long time. However, over time, as concrete starts to grow older, it starts to crack or sink. This happens because of wear and tear, or settlement. That’s why uneven concrete floor repair is essential.

How to Request Uneven Concrete Floor Repair for Your Patio 

As the concrete settles, it starts to appear uneven in certain places. It starts to look bad, and the floor becomes unstable. Weakly supported concrete has a much higher chance of showing cracks. The uneven concrete floor repair for your patio needs professional handling. There are expert companies for the same. One needs to get in touch with the experts. 

Concrete does not just sink on its own. If the concrete settles, then there are other factors involved. Specialists prepare the ground before installing the concrete. Heavy machinery compacts the soil. A layer of gravel stops the ground from sinking. However, rainwater and soil erosion can cause additional sinkage. Ground and soil that has not settled completed will cause concrete to settle and become uneven.

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How to Deal With Uneven Concrete Floor Repair 

It is not comfortable to walk over uneven concrete surfaces. That is why one needs to think of uneven concrete floor repair with help from professionals. There are specific ways to treat uneven concrete surfaces. Following are some of how uneven concrete surfaces can be fixed: 

Slab Jacking

This process is also known as slab lifting, or slab jacking or mud jacking. The method also helps in lifting a concrete slab, portions of it, or the entire section of the slab. Slab jacking is a job that professionals need to handle. The process includes filling cracks and holes with a concrete mixture. The mixture can also be used to raise the concrete slab to level. The mortar mixture fills the gaps and forces the uneven slabs to level.

When the mixture hardens and preventing any movement of the concrete. Slab jacking also helps in filling up the gaps below the concrete slab where the concrete has not sunk. The traditional slab jacking process uses mortar, which can be cumbersome. In that place, Polymer slab lifting is a modern process and can help repair the uneven concrete surfaces. This uses lighter material, which does not cause many issues. 

Resurfacing the top

This is also a viable solution, but not meant for long term. The cracks on the concrete can be hidden temporarily, but the problem of settling and sinking under the concrete still exists. 

Apart from these two procedures, one can also use patching and veneering as distinct ways to repair uneven concrete floors.  

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