What is a Foundation Sill?

Foundation sills secure to the foundation of any house. They reinforce foundation walls that go into concrete slabs and help to create a solid base for your home’s structure. […]

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Your Foundation Repair Questions, Answered

Foundation repair is a necessary and sometimes costly repair to your home, but sometimes, the issue may be more embarrassing than even you can swallow. Sometimes, the foundation problems that can show up for the first time in winter are severe. Many homeowners have foundation repair questions but are not sure where to start. Common Foundation Repair Questions Sometimes foundation cracks are visible to the naked eye, while at other times, they may only show up after bad weather and other things you might do to your home, such as painting the house, placing a [...]

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Buying A Home With Foundation Issues

We often get calls and requests from potential homebuyers looking to purchase a home with existing foundation issues. We get questions on repairing cracks, settling walls and other foundation problems. How much money can a homeowner afford to spend to correct these issues? Buying A Home With Foundation Issues We are here to help homeowners who have homebuyers' questions on how to buy a home with foundation issues. We want to help educate our clients and help them to understand these issues and potential solutions. A lot of the calls we get are from people [...]

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Indianapolis Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump works by pumping water from the floor of the house through the sewer. If the pumps fail, the basement will frequently flood, causing devastating flood damage. It doesn't take a lot of water to cause significant issues. A small amount of standing water on your basement floor can quickly turn into an annoying mold problem. Seeking professional help is the only way to deal with your Indianapolis sump pump failure. Indianapolis Sump Pump Failure – Diagnosis and Treatment You don't have to wait for the basement to get wet to fix the [...]

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What Is a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

Crawl spaces are unseen, so people often brush them aside when it’s time for home maintenance. Protecting your crawl space, however, is protecting your entire home from moisture issues. Ignoring problems in your crawl space can expose the rest of your home to dangerous mold and structural damage. Check out how you can protect your entire home with a crawl space vapor barrier. What is a crawl space vapor barrier? A vapor barrier is a protective layer in the crawl space of your home that fights moisture buildup. The actual barrier consists of plastic material [...]

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