soil types and foundation repair problems

Soil Matters in Indiana

Why Indiana Scientists Care about Soil (and Why You Should Too) The main reason resources are spent on studying soils and soil erosion in Indiana has to do with the predominance of agricultural production.  Losing soil has all kinds of implications to farmers, but it doesn’t stop there.  Losing soil from water erosion, for example, […]

Lafayette basement with a serious water problem that requires basement waterproofing.

Indiana Rainfall and Wet Basements

More Rain, Poor Drain, More Calls for Wet Basement Help Precipitation is (perhaps obviously) the leading cause of basement flooding.  While plumbing leaks can wreak havoc as well, rainfall (or melted snow and ice) along with poor drainage are almost always the culprit in a wet basement.  Indiana’s precipitation averages go hand-in-hand with calls we […]

Water in a basement.

Why Do We Have Water In Our Basement?

Water in the basement is a problem many homeowners have to deal with. So what causes water in the basement? It’s a significant concern for many people. And if you’re dealing with this problem and want help…the excellent news is that you don’t have to drown in it! Instead, you can save yourself a lot […]

Many homes in Indiana need a fix for their uneven foundation.

Fix Uneven Foundations in Indiana

  One of the most common problems homeowners face is foundation problems. This problem affects many people in the United States every year. But, unfortunately, most people don’t realize this. Still, Indiana is one of the worst-hit states in terms of area for this problem. So how can you fix an uneven foundation?


Your House is Sinking – Now What?

What happens when you build a house on a poor foundation? The house will eventually sink. Sinking foundations is a problem that many do not realize until it is too late. That is why we recommend annual foundation inspections and can help with foundation repair in Indiana. Many people think that there isn’t anything to […]


What You Need To Know About Basement Crack Repair

If you need basement crack repair done on your Indiana home, then there are things you need to know to make sure you get it done correctly. A licensed and insured Indiana basement crack repair specialist like Crossroads Foundation Repair is best. We have the expertise and experience necessary to do your home repairs. Our […]

A crumbling foundation that is worth a foundation repair.

Foundation Repairs: Are They Worth It? 

  Every year thousands of homeowners discover cracks in their walls and foundations. The most common type of damage is “settling,” caused by soil shifting below the foundation. There’s no doubt that foundation repairs can be expensive, but your home’s foundation is one of the essential parts of your home. So it’s definitely worth the […]

Creepy critters that lurk in your crawl space include animals like mice and rats.

Creepy Critters In Crawlspaces

As the weather gets colder, it’s not just people that are looking to avoid the chill. Critters large and small are beginning to look for safe spaces out of the elements. If your foundation has any cracks or gaps, you might likely get spooked by some of the following creepy critters in crawlspaces:

Damp basement walls like this one can be fixed with a foundation repair and waterproofing company.

How Do You Fix A Damp Basement Wall?

Foundation problems and wet basement walls can be devastating. You’ve got to fix them or suffer the consequences: expensive fixes, mold and mildew, structural damage, and more. So how do you fix a damp basement wall? If you’re faced with a wet basement wall and need help fixing it, that’s where we come in.

A concrete front porch that may sink due to foundation probelms.

Is Your Concrete Front Porch Sinking?

Are you looking for a way to fix your front porch? If your concrete front porch is sinking, what are your options? You may think you need to replace the whole patio. However, at Crossroads Foundation Repair, we can level your porch with our concrete leveling and foundation repair methods. Leveling a Sinking Concrete Front […]

A house in a neighborhood that may need to be raised or need foundation repair.

Do I Have To Raise My House After A Foundation Repair?

Do I have to raise my house after a foundation repair? This is a great question that many homeowners have. Crossroads Foundation Repair in Indiana can get your foundation repaired quickly and efficiently without the need for raising your home. We utilize foundation piers to help stabilize foundations.

Detect foundation damage in your home by looking at floorboards such as these.

How to Detect Foundation Damage in Your Home

Foundation damage in your Indiana home is a serious issue and one that needs addressing. If you are wondering how to detect foundation damage in your home,  you can look for these common signs: How to Detect Foundation Damage in Your Home First of all, if you are unsure whether you have a foundation problem, […]